Affordable Photo Booth Rental Los Angeles

Photo Booth Media is an entity of Cliques Photo Booth. Photo Booth Media is a fun, entertaining, exciting company that provides the best photo booth experience in all of southern California and Las Vegas. We offer beautiful, custom-made backdrops instead of boring green screens. We produce the highest quality photos, equal to anything that would come out of an actual photography studio to the stars. We utilize the latest digital and computer equipment for fast printing and interfacing with Facebook, Twitter, and email.

  • We use the best costumes and props of any existing company, and our on-site designers can produce any costumes and props that you desire for your event.
  • We invite you to spend time with our friendly crew taking pictures of yourself and loved ones, while we entertain you with snappy chatter and compliment your good looks.
  • Later you will remember the fun you had while looking at museum quality prints of one of your best-dressed days at an important life event, either your own or someone else’s.

About Photo Booth Media

Have you been to parties that were no fun? Have you been to events where you couldn’t believe how bad the food was and how awful the music was, just blasting noise. Have you despaired because you couldn’t find an affordable photo booth Rental Los Angeles company, or a thing to eat that you liked, nor hear anyone who you were interested in, and everybody was just jumping around and getting sweaty?

Our good-looking, young, multiracial crew represents the camaraderie and charm of life in LA, perhaps not the most perfect city in the world, but certainly one of the best intention and least prejudiced in the world.

And then you found Photo Booth Media, an oasis in a social desert. What a relief! Finally people to pay attention to you. Finally getting fussed over. Wow, and that cute guy snapping the pictures. What is he? Hispanic, Jewish, Persian, but at a bar mitzvah? Wait, look at the other guy. He could be a model. And they’re so nice. You’re starting to feel pretty again, and refreshed. Then another attendant to hand you your pictures. Man, you look cute. Even your manicure shows. You’ve got to get these up on your Facebook.

You start calling friends to join you. Pretty soon, everybody is talking and laughing, not making any sense, but you’re all a little drunk and having a blast. The photo booth is an amazing time. It saves your soul from total boredom. All of a sudden, the desert cart rolls by, and your appetite is back. You crunch, you munch. Oh your blood sugar was just low. The music isn’t so bad. You start to dance and they keep snapping your pictures. What fun!

Corporate Events & Much More


At Photo Booth Media, your affordable photo booth rental Los Angeles company, we’ll do anything to make sure you have an amazing time that will be captured forever in the best memorabilia possible, pictures of YOU and your friends and possibly that new, cute person.

When it’s your event, we will provide anything you want.

A simple colored backdrop, an artwork backdrop, or even a movie set backdrop & atmosphere.

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The photos will be great, the media will be instant, and the attendants will be adorable.

We have highly competitive pricing, which means that, yes, you can afford this.
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