Frankly, before our wedding, I’d never even heard of a photo booth, and I asked, what is a photo booth?

If you are looking for a Photo Booth Rental in LA, we can’t recommend Photo Booth Media highly enough. In the last eight years the owner of Photo Booth Media covered many events, and we have received many compliments for our services. We have been told that we are always on point, terrific, and reasonably priced.


Photo Booth Media is a full service photo studio that courtesy of modern equipment comes right to your event. The crew brings a portable structure that they build into a three-sided, 10 by 10 space. You can have the backdrop of your choice. Anything from a simple color, to a stage set painting. You can have it with or without furniture. You work those details out with the owner. He’s kind, patient, and very talented. He can make your dream happen.

Besides the backdrop, Dov and his crew will bring professional photography equipment and lighting. They have their own wi-fi to keep you connected to the internet, Facebook, Twitter, and email. The crew will keep your guests laughing as they pose them wearing a wide variety of props appropriate to your party or any party. Oddly enough beautiful people often enjoy being photographed wearing sun glasses, wigs, moustaches, hats, oversized jewelry and feather boas. Go figure.

Next, operating with lightning speed, the crew will print out 4 by 6 memento photos on acid free paper for your guests to take home

Photo Booth Media can also provide a scrapbook station so that guests can make their own scrapbooks of your event, or participate in making a scrapbook for you. This is great fun for all, and the scrapbook attendant will teach your guests all they need to know to participate.