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Photo Booth Media does everything we can to charge reasonably for charity events. If we were an inferior photo booth that looks like an old-fashioned telephone booth and just get dropped off at the event and then picked up, then, naturally, we would give you this work for free. But Photo Booth Media is a company that has been inspired by certain principles. We hire highly educated young, intelligent, well-spoken, talented artists to take your pictures. You will find it delightful to have them pose and photograph you. We don’t con these young people and tell them they are interns, whenever they are out with us, for those hours they are earning a normal, middle class salary. We only wish we could give them more work to increase the stability of their lives. We feel that it is the responsibility of every loyal America to be makers of jobs, not takers of young people’s time and talent. Face it, LA can be a brutal town. But we are not brutes. We treat our employees like family, and they will treat your guests like family, and inspire them to give generously. Our employees can be trained to not only take the pictures but simultaneously explain the significance of your charity.

Conveniently located adjacent to Beverly Hills with meeting facilities in Beverly Hills, Century City, and the San Fernando Valley, we are easy to access. We are always available to communicate with you by text, email, phone, skype, fax, and even in real time. We are delighted to come to you, office, or coffee shop of your choice, and discuss your event.

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Located In Beautiful Los Angeles, California

2355 Westwood Blvd #934 Los Angeles, CA 90064

Phone: (310) 256-3100

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