Los Angeles Photo Booth Rentals

My family came to Los Angeles after being trapped in a minor revolution in a small Mexican village in 1985 when I was four years old. As always, when the economy spun out of control due to hyperinflation, the local people blamed the Jewish business owners, and my parents went from being the heroes of the village, who were employing every family, to enemies of the state. We left with the army in hot pursuit. I was a toddler, but when we arrived in LA, I saw my parents kiss the earth, and we vowed never to leave again.

LA is hands–down the most wonderful town in all the world. To begin with, we actually have the rule of law, something that immigrants from all over the world appreciate. For all those who complain about needing a dog license or having to get a permit to remodel, wake up, the corruption in other places around the world is far, far worse and stifles all business. LA is a place that has a place for every ethnicity to make it big. We’ve got people from all of Latin America—Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Venezuala, Ecuador, Argentina, Cuba, to name a few. They bring us energy, delicious food, take care of our pools and gardens, and push their kids to be American go-getters. We’ve got all the Asians—Koreans, Chinese, Japanese Phillipinos, Vietnamese, Pacific Islanders, again fabulous food, wonderfully industrious people, the whole Middle East, our Russians, our Jews, our gays. There is no other place so diverse, such a melding of cultures. And what do all these groups have in common? They love to have a party, and when they do, Los Angeles Photo Booth Rentals is there, front and center, memorializing the day with terrific shots of people grateful to be in America.