Photo Booth Rentals Near Me

Have you ever wanted to experience one of the best times of your life and capture it on film? We know how that feels, which is why we have positioned our photography and media business to help better serve you. We work at many corporate events, media, holidays, as well as birthdays and weddings. We are a local Southern California business and work photography and photo booth rentals in the follow areas.

Agoura Hills Photo Booth Rentals

What’s Los Angeles’ best kept secret? Thirty miles northwest of downtown Los Angels is a small city known as Agoura Hills. Agoura Hills sits against the lush, beautiful Santa Monica Mountains. It is known for it’s natural chaparral and woodlands. Chumash Native American Indians settled in Agoura Hills roughly 10,000 years ago. Since then, it has turned into a beautiful suburb of Los Angeles with middle class families, good schools, amazing restaurants and plenty of entertainment. It’s well known for it’s live music and event scene. Bands such Fort Minor, Linkin Park and Incubus all formed in Agoura Hills. If you’re planning a party of any sort Agoura Photo Booth Rentals has worked parties at The Canyon Club, Malibu Lake Mountain Club and Triumph Creek Vineyards just to name a few. Whether your planning a birthday party or a wedding in Agoura Hills, we can help make your event that much more memorable

Photo Booth Rentals in Los Angeles

Bel Air Photo Booth Rentals

Bel Air is one of Los Angeles’ most affluent cities famous for celebrities, musicians, interior designers, top photographers, politicians and athletes. Did you know that Alfred Hitchcock, Elizabeth Taylor, Leonard Nimoy, and former President Ronald Regan all used to live in Bel Air? And did you know Joni Mitchel, Elon Musk, Chris Paul and Jennifer Aniston all live in Bel Air? Most homes in Bel Air are huge. Several residences like to throw private parties. If you’re thinking about throwing a private party, Bel Air Photo Booth Rentals is all you need to capture those memorable moments you don’t want to forget and wish to cherish forever.


Beverly Hills Photo Booth Rentals

Beverly Hills is Los Angeles’ premier tourist destinations and has the best weather year round.  Many tourists and locals’ love shopping and dining along Rodeo Drive. Beverly Hills Photo Booth Rental has worked events at some of the most upscale venues and hotels. Such venues and hotels include, Spago, Mr. Chow, the historic Beverly Hills Hotel, the Beverly Hilton and the Beverly Wilshire. Oh, and let’s not forget the unforgettable parties at The Playboy Mansion with Mr. Hugh Heffner himself.  Planning a bat or bar mitzvah, or a wedding? Beverly Hills Photo Booth Rental can cover all your photographic needs.


Brentwood Photo Booth Rentals

County clubs, delicious restaurants, coffee shops, perfect weather, beautiful homes all define the city of Brentwood. Much like Bel Air and Beverly Hills, Brentwood is home to numerous celebrities. Many locals like to spend their weekends golfing, working out, swimming or playing tennis at the Brentwood Country Club. Other folks like to spend their time walking through the Brentwood Country Mart that opened its doors in 1948. The original barbershop and post office are still there to this day, as well as many of today’s trendy shops and restaurants. Whether you’re having a private event or corporate event at the country club or at a restaurant, Brentwood Photo Booth Rentals is your one stop shop for all your photographic needs.



Burbank Photo Booth Rentals

Did you know that Lockheed Aircraft Company was established in Burbank in 1928? Burbank is filled with incredible history.  For example, the motion picture business started there in the 1920’s. NBC, Disney and the Warner Brother’s film lots are all in Burbank. Famous films such as Casablanca, Marry Poppins and High Noon were all filmed in Burbank. If you’re a horse lover, there’s the Rancho Equestrian Center for horseback riding. You can even have your event there. Whether you are planning a film wrap party, having a corporate event at Walt Disney Studios, or a wedding at The Castaways, Burbank Photo Booth Rentals provides a one of a kind experience that no one will forget.

Calabasas Photo Booth Rentals

Calabasas means, “Pumpkin” in Spanish. Calabasas sits on the western edge of the San Fernando Valley. Where do celebrities move when they don’t want to live in Beverly Hills? Calabasas. The most famous family, the Kardashians, live in Calabasas. Most celebrities live in gated communities. The city is pretty progressive compared to other cities in Los Angeles County. In 2006, the city implemented a ban on public smoking, and it’s now considered against the law to smoke publicly anywhere. Calabasas hosts numerous family oriented events such as, The Pumpkin Festival, Eggstravaganza and The Fine Arts Festival. If you’re going to visit Calabasas, make sure to stop by The Commons, an outdoor, beautiful shopping mall with a wide variety of shops and restaurants. If you’re seeking for the best photo booth in all of Calabasas, look no further; Calabasas Photo Booth Rental is the best in town.

Camarillo Photo Booth Rentals

If you love shopping and a good deal, Camarillo has it all at The Camarillo Premium Outlet Mall. Camarillo is just an hour north of Downtown Los Angeles in Ventura County. Much like Agoura Hills, Chumash Native American Indians once populated this beautiful area of Southern California. Today, Camarillo has mainly middle class families, excellent high school, libraries and parks. There is even a Naval Air Station nearby at Point Mugu. California State University Cannel Islands, an excellent CSU is also located in Camarillo. Camarillo is also home to the annual Strawberry Festival, which attracts more than 50,000 people each year.  If you need an excellent, affordable photo booth for your school event, festival, wedding, birthday party, corporate event, private event, give Camarillo Photo Booth Rentals a call.

Encino Photo Booth Rentals

The city of Encino provides warm weather, great restaurants, shops and plenty of outdoor activities. The Sepulveda Dam recreation is located in Encino and is perfect for bicycling, playing tennis, soccer and even has an off leash dog park. If you like gardens, the Japanese garden is a must visit. Since 2008,  Encino Photo Booth Rental has participated at many events. We’ve done wedding, bat/bar mitzvahs, school events, birthday parties, corporate events and much more. Thinking of hiring a photo booth company for your event? Encino Photo Booth Rentals has been in business for over 8 years and is the San Fernando Valley’s number one photo booth rental company.

Hollywood Photo Booth Rentals

Not only is Hollywood Los Angeles’ number one tourist destination, but it’s also densely populated, ethically diverse and has a huge retail district. Everyone around the world knows the name Hollywood. Hollywood started out as a very small town in 1870, and by 1910 it merged with the city of Los Angeles. It quickly became the hub for radio and motion picture production, and it still is to this day.  Every year the city of Hollywood hosts the Oscars. After the awards are given, many venues in Hollywood and neighboring cities host lavish after parties where you can find Hollywood Photo Booth Rentals. We also do other events such as weddings, bat and bar mitzvah parties, birthday parties and corporate events. Give us a call and hire Hollywood Photo Booth Rentals.

Hollywood Hills Photo Booth Rentals

The Hollywood sign is located at the very top of the Hollywood Hills. Did you know you could hike to the very top of the Hollywood sign? The views of Los Angeles are spectacular, and so are the homes. Homes along the Hollywood Hills cost millions of dollars. Some of these homes are specifically used just for filming and photo shoots. Others are used just for exclusive A-list parties with top-notch security. How do we know this? Because Hollywood Hills Photo Booth Rentals is the premier photo booth rental company for these types of parties. We’ve done hundreds of these parties and we can do yours too.  Our professional set-up, lighting and print quality will blow your guests away. Your guests would be missing out if we didn’t make an appearance and provide our outstanding photography and photo booth services. Give us a call today so we can provide you with a quote for all your photographic needs.

Los Feliz Photo Booth Rentals

Smack in the center of Los Angeles, nestling between Hollywood and the lovely Griffith Park, Los Felix is a stone’s throw from downtown LA as well as Glendale and Burbank, Los Felix is one of the neatest communities in LA. It is full of hillside mansions that look straight out of the 1920s glamour scene. It also has smaller, charming homes, apartment buildings, and wonderful independent cafes, restaurants, art galleries, and bookstores. The streets are generally full of good–looking people out dog-walking and people watching. Famous architectural sites include Frank Lloyd Wright’s Ennis House and Hollyhock House, and Richard Neutra’s Lovell House. Ride down Franklin Ave., and you’ll see the famous house where Night Rider was filmed; that impressive home was designed by Lloyd Wright, Frank’s son. The beloved feminist writer Anais Nin also made Los Felix her West Coast home. Likewise Los Felix Photo Booth Rentals has a pie- a-terre there, and we have done so many parties, weddings, bat and bar mitzvahs in the area. So call us for all your Los Felix Photo Booth Rentals, and we’ll be by with service with a wink and a smile.

Malibu Photo Booth Rentals

Sadly, people who live in Malibu have no place to go when they die because they’ve already spent years in heaven, and heaven will be hard-pressed to compete with Malibu’s breezy weather, fabulous landscaping, and bright blue skies. Yes, it’s as glamorous as you’ve heard.  Sun worshippers adore this  beach front city full of charming restaurants, small parks, elegant homes, a nature preserve, and home to many stars, agents, directors, producers, etc. Pepperdine University students get to be lucky enough to live there, and Rabbi Judith Halevy leads a welcoming Reconstructionist Congregation that holds occasional Shabbat services on the beach. No matter what your Malibu event, it will be all the more delightful if you call Malibu Photo Booth Rentals for top professional advice and services.

Manhattan Beach Photo Booth Rentals

Manhattan Beach is just a perfect American laid-back beach town. If you don’t live there, you wish you did. It has the best shops, restaurants, and bars anywhere. It’s easy to get a cold-pressed juice, buy surfing equipment, or stop at Uncle Bill’s for a delicious breakfast. Although no homes in Manhattan Beach are under a million dollars, the densely packed area has the feeling of a small, friendly town, where everyone has known each other forever, and neighbors stop and say hi and ask about the grown up kids and old dogs and cats. With such a variety of day and night time restaurants, it’s also a great, party town. So for all your party needs, call Manhattan Beach Photo Booth Rentals.

Moorpark Photo Booth Rentals

Moorpark is a lovely city of 35,000 people in Ventura County, adjacent to LA County. Moorpark is well known for Moorpark College, which is one of the only universities in America that allows students to major in exotic animals. This major attracts students from all over the world who then can enjoy the amenities of this charming California town that was established in the year 1900. Downtown Moorpark reflects the town’s history with many preserved antique homes while housing interesting shops, restaurants and cafes. Moorpark Photo Booth Rentals has been there for many happy occasions. We provide memories that last a lifetime.

Newbury Park Photo Booth rentals

As long as 7,000 years ago Chumash Indians lived in what is today Newbury Park. Newbury Park is a prosperous community of mainly new homes built in the last 20 years. It enjoys a lovely year round Mediterranean climate and tends to be cooler and rainier than LA. It can be thought of as part of Thousand Oaks. Full of restaurants and shops, it is home to several famous companies such as Amgem, Designworks USA, BMW, Anthem Blue Cross, and Sage Publications. This lively, low crime community with excellent weather and schools is place that anyone would love to live. Likewise Newbury Park Photo Booth Retals is also there; ready to fulfill all your party photo booth needs.

North Hollywood Photo Booth Rentals

North Hollywood has got to be one of the great, “undiscovered” gems of all of LA. At the north end of this charming city, on Roscoe Blvd., the Thai Buddhist Temple, a reform synagogue, and the Grace Community Church complex, all stand peacefully side-by-side. Is America the greatest country on earth, or what? The south end of North Hollywood is Studio City and Sherman Oaks adjacent, and a great place to find a starter home or condo. This Noho arts’ district is full of gourmet restaurants, theaters, shops, and the ever–charming Illiad Book Store for those who really still love to hold a book in their hands and read. Likewise, North Hollywood Photo Booth Rentals is there, too. Again, we’ve been with the Thais at their temple, the Philippinos at their church, the Latinos with their parties, various Oscar events, bar and bat mitzvahs and wedding galore, so give us a call for all your North Hollywood Photo Booth Rental needs. Our prices are low and our multi-ethnic crew will fit right in and keep your guests laughing and smiling through the day or night.

Northridge Photo Booth Rentals

Oh Northridge, people who don’t live there haven’t the faintest clue of what a great place this is. First of all, Cal State University Northridge is the literal center of the whole town. Now as we all know, college costs have really spun out of control in the last 10 to 15 years, and this includes the Cal State system. However, the UC system has gone insane with expense, and at least at Cal State a fabulous education can still be had at a relatively low price. Also one of the alums donated the LA Valley Performing Arts Center to Cal State, and that is a seriously beautiful building where two or three nights a week dance troops, symphonies, operas, flamenco dancers, comedians, really neat people from all over the world come to perform. Northridge also has some extremely concerned citizens, the Sparkle group, who are always working on cleaning up Reseda Blvd., decorating it, and keeping watch on crime, so the town stays clean and safe. As for the adjacent homes, there is no place where anyone can get more bang for their buck in LA; big, gorgeous homes, on huge lots for those who love to garden. Seriously, of course we’d all love to live at the beach, but Northridge is so cool. Northridge is also the home of Highland Hall, the first pre-k thru 12 Waldorf School in the LA area, and probably the best, most loving and endearing private school in all of LA. I know; I’m an alum, and that’s where I got my start as an artist and photographer, so for all your party needs call Northridge Photo Booth Rental, and our multi-ethnic crew of sensitive, artistic, good-looking former Highland Hall students will be out to make your party, wedding, bar or bat mitzvah, the best.

Pacific Palisades Photo Booth Rental

It’s got to be the queen of high-end coastal living. Winding mountain roads, homes that look like Spanish cottages, bougainvillea spilling over pastel splashed walls, ocean views. What place could be lovelier than Pacific Palisades? Another home to LA’s successful movie industry personnel as well as other highly successful individuals who can afford the million dollar plus cottages and multi-million dollar escapes. And yet, it’s so pretty and charming. These days one would rather not visit Donald Trump’s golf course, but other than the blight of having him as part of the city, it really is a terrific little town, which is why for all weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, corporate events, and personal parties, please call Pacific Palisades Photo Booth Rental, and we will be there to provide wonderful entertainment and fun mementos for your guests to take home.

Pasadena Photo Booth Rental

Pasadena is where the architect brothers, Green and Green, invented the California Craftsman cottage or bungalow, strongly influenced by Japanese architecture. Then when Hollywood began making movies, they made everyone in America feel like they should be living in one of those houses, and they have remained incredibly popular throughout the century. It’s also where you can take a tour of the Gamble House, a true Green and Green masterpiece; it was the model for Doc’s house in Back to the Future. Pasadena also has the Rose Bowl and hosts the Rose Parade. The Norton Simon Museum and the Asian Pacific Museum are both in Pasadena, both with wonderful collections that should not be missed. Finally Pasadena is home to both Cal Tech and JPL, which means it’s a town full of brainiacs. Colorado Blvd offers plentiful restaurants, cafes, and shops, as well as the Vroman’s bookstore, a delightful place, if ever there was. With so much going on in Pasadena, parties, weddings, Castle Green events in their lobby and garden, Pasadena Photo Booth Rental is here to meet your photo booth needs. Whether it’s a bar or bat mitzvah, a graduation party, or a celebration of a space probe circling Mercury or Mars, give us a call, and we’ll be there to make your event all the happier.

San Fernando Photo Booth Rentals

The city of San Fernando is one of the most historic cities in all of Los Angeles. This city is named after it’s mission, Mission San Fernando Rey de Espana. In 1874 San Fernando became the first organized community in the San Fernando Valley and earned the title, “First City of the Valley.” San Fernando Photo Booth Rentals has been proudly serving the city for 8 years. We have worked birthday parties, weddings, quinceaneras and other special events in people’s backyards and venues such as, Casa Torres Banquet. No matter what occasion you’re celebrating, San Fernando Photo Booth Rentals can capture it all. Give us a call today.

Santa Clarita Photo Booth Rentals

Did you know that the city of Santa Clarita is the third largest city in Los Angeles County and the eighteenth largest city in the state of California? That being said, residences of Santa Clarita know how to party for any special occasion. If you’re planning a wedding, Santa Clarita offers some of the most beautiful venues. Santa Clarita Photo Booth Rentals has done events at the following venues: Kelly’s wedding Garden and Banquet Facility, Bridgeport Clubhouse and Diamond View Summit. If you’re looking for the best photo booth company in all of Los Angeles, Santa Clarita Photo Booth Rentals is it.

Santa Monica Photo Booth Rentals

Isn’t it great to enjoy the California sunshine? Santa Monica is known as the go-to place for businesses, real estate, awesome eateries, and much more. It’s a great beach town, or rather city and a hot tourist destination. It’s on the map to have the greatest bar and nightlife scene in southern California. That’s where we come in. We help with setting up photo booths and other digital media technology to capture the moments for events, weddings, birthday parties, and engagement parties. It’s imperative to think of us next time you want to book a Santa Monica photo booth rentals company to capture the moments.

Sherman Oaks Photo Booth Rentals

Sherman Oaks is one of the liveliest cities in the San Fernando Valley. Within the last few years new shops, restaurants, cafés, bars and now gastro pubs have been popping up in Sherman Oaks. If you’re a movie buff, then you’ll enjoy the Shaman Oaks ArcLight Cenemas. If you enjoy shopping, just walk along Ventura Boulevard and you’ll find hundreds of trendy clothing shops. Looking for a photo booth for your next event? Look no further. Sherman Oaks Photo Booth Rentals caters to weddings, birthday parties, bat and bar mitzvahs, corporate events and much more! Not only are we the best in town, but we also have the best prices. Give us a call. We’d be happy to provide you with a quote for your upcoming special occasion.

Studio City Photo Booth Rentals

Studio City is the trendiest and most desired cities to live in all of the San Fernando Valley. Just ten minutes north of Hollywood, Studio City boosts some of the most delicious restaurants and best yoga studios. Studio City also has some of the best event venues that Studio City Photo Booth Rentals has ever worked at. We’ve worked weddings, birthday parties, bat and bar mitzvahs at Romanov Restaurant and Lounge and The Sportsman’s Lodge. For over eight years, Studio City Photo Booth Rentals has been proudly serving and making memories for all types of events in Studio City. Whether you’re hosting an event at The Sportsman’s Lodge or in your backyard, we’re extremely professional when it comes to making your event memories last a lifetime and beyond.

Tarzana Photo Booth Rentals

Did you know that Tarzana is named after Edgar Rice Burroughs jungle storybook hero, Tarzan? Tarzana is one of the oldest communities in the San Fernando Valley. It is also home to one of the oldest country clubs in all of Los Angeles, El Caballero Country Club. Tarzana Photo Booth Rentals has been fortunate to work many private events at El Caballero Country Club. Braemar Country Club is another very popular country club that that Tarzana Photo Booth Rentals does events at. Having a bat or bar mitzvah? Temple Judea is an amazing synagogue to celebrate you bar or bat mitzvah at. We have also participated numerous bar and bat mitzvahs at this location. Our professional staff and high quality photographic equipment is perfect for any type of event. Book your event in Tarzana with us today!

Thousand Oaks Photo Booth Rentals

If you like Native American history, Thousand Oaks is the city to visit. At the Chumash Indian Museum you’ll find 2000-year-old cave drawings. Thousand Oaks was names after the many Oak trees found in the area. Thousand Oaks is a beautiful city to raise a family. In 2013, it was ranked 4th safest city with a population greater then 100,000. You can also find the Stagecoach Inn which was built in 1876 and is now a historic landmark and popular museum. If you like theatre and live music, just head over to the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Center. Thousand Oaks Photo Booth Rentals has participated and provided excellent photo booth services for numerous weddings, birthday parties, corporate events and bar and bat mitzvahs. We’ve worked at Sherwood Country Club, Sunset Hills Country Club and Los Robles Greens Golf Course. If you’re thinking of having a photo booth for your special occasion, hire Thousand Oaks Photo Booth Rentals. We’re the best in town.

Valencia Photo Booth Rentals

Anybody that loves roller coasters and water parks, knows that Valencia is home to Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park and Hurricane Harbor water park. These two them parks are a must visit if you’re in Southern California.  Valencia is a wonderful, safe, clean city and has been ranked one of the top 100 cities to live by Money Magazine. As a very family oriented city, Valencia residents throw a lot of parties and Valencia Photo Booth Rentals has been providing the best photo booth rentals since 2008 for the city of Valencia. Call us today and one of our friendly attendants will gladly provide you with a quote for your upcoming event.

Valley Village Photo Booth Rentals

Valley Village, a part of North Hollywood was established in 1939. But it wasn’t until 1991 that Valley Village received recognition as its own city. Valley Village is a quant little city with cute restaurants and shops along it’s main street, Magnolia Boulevard.  Adat Ari El in Valley Village was the very first synagogue in the San Fernando Valley and established in 1938. We receive many calls for photo booth services for bat and bar mitzvah, weddings, special events, birthday parties and more. Valley Village Photo Rentals has worked hundreds of memorable events, and we can make your event a super memorable one. We look forward to working with you.

Van Nuys Photo Booth Rentals

Residences of Van Nuys have been using Van Nuys Photo Booth Rentals for over eight years. If you’re thinking of having a party at your house or at venue and your looking for the best form of entertainment, we’re it. We provide a professional curtain less set-up with a backdrop, professional photographer, props and unlimited 4×6 prints. Whether it’s a birthday party, quinceanera, sweet 16 or wedding, we come prepared with professional staff that is ready to capture those unforgettable memories. We are the most entertaining photo booth company in all of Van Nuys let alone Southern California. Call today to hear more about our specials.

West Hills Photo Booth Rentals

If you love hiking in Los Angeles, then you’ll love West Hills.  Popular hiking spots in West Hills include, Upper Las Virgenes Canyon, Cave of Munits and Bell Canyon Park. West Hills is also home to some of the best private schools and Jewish synagogues in the San Fernando Valley. Many parents want to provide their children with the very best education and are seeking for the best high school. Chaminade High School provides the very best educations and excels when it comes to college preparation. If you’re looking for an appropriate synagogue for your family and children, West hills has many options. Just head over to, “Temple Row” also known as Valley Circle Boulevard, and you’ll find Shomrei Torah, Temple Aliyah and Chabad of West Hills. If you’re planning your child’s bat or bar mitzvah reception, we know how difficult it can be. However, we have good news. You’ve come to the right place for a photo booth. At West Hill Photo Booth Rentals, we’ve worked close to a thousand bar and bat mitzvah parties. We have a satisfaction rate of 100%. Whether your planning a bar mitzvah, birthday party, wedding, sweet 16, West Hills Photo Booth Rental is a must have at your event.

West Hollywood Photo Booth Rentals

West Hollywood is L.A.’s hottest city for the trendiest bars, restaurants and clubs and live performance venues. Most of West Hollywood’s nightlife can be found on Sunset Boulevard, otherwise known as, “The Sunset Strip.” The Sunset Strip is a mile and a half stretch of the nations best clubs, bars, boutiques, restaurants and billboards. When anyone in West Hollywood needs a photo booth, whom do they call? They call West Hollywood Photo Booth Rentals. We’ve been proudly serving the city of West Hollywood for over 8 years and have done hundreds of private events at the most exclusive clubs and hotels. If you’re planning a party at a nightclub, hotel or restaurant in West Hollywood, give us a call.

Westlake Village Photo Booth Rentals

Westlake Village can be found an hour north of Downtown Los Angeles and boosts some of the most luxurious golf courses, country clubs and hotels. If you’re looking to get away from all the L.A. traffic hustle and bustle, just stay in Westlake Village for a weekend. Westlake Village Photo Booth Rentals has been proudly serving the city of Westlake Village for a number of years. Most residences like to throw parties in their own homes or at extravagant venues such as, the Four Seasons Hotel, Westlake Village Inn or the Sherwood Country Club.  If you’re seeking for a photo booth company with amazing customer service, friendly on-site staff, a professional set-up, magazine quality images, just email or give us a call. You won’t regret having Westlake Village Photo Booth Rentals at your next special occasion.

Westwood Photo Booth Rentals

Have you ever visited the UCLA Campus? It’s one of Los Angeles’s premier Universities and many folks from around the world go there to get their degrees. Little did you know, UCLA is more than a beautiful LA landmark and university. It has one of the hottest party scenes around hosted by many of the cool clubs, frats, and sorority organizations. When an awesome party is about to launch, it’s great to have a media resource and hire us for your Westwood photo booth rentals.

Woodland Hills Photo Booth Rentals

Woodland Hills is one of many suburbs located in the San Fernando Valley. It was named Woodland Hills because a man named Victor Girard Keinberger bought 2,866 acres in 1922 and planted 120,000 trees. In 1945, this region became known as Woodland Hills. Today, Woodland Hills has a population of about 65,000. Within Woodland Hills is Warner Center, which has a mix of several different companies and industries employing approximately 40,000 people. Several corporations in Warner Center throw parties and they all want the best form entertainment. That’s where we come in. Woodland Hills Photo Booth Rentals is the best and most memorable form of entertainment for any party. Our photo booths fit large groups of people and we offer unlimited prints with all our packages and so much more. Give us a call for all the details along with a custom quote for your upcoming event.

Venice Beach Photo Booth Rentals

What’s considered the most popular city in LA? Seriously, we really want to know. Many folks consider Venice Beach as the hottest place to chill on the weekends and weekdays. It’s home to many artsy people including painters, musicians, photographers, and many other type of cool folks. Of course Venice beach has the traditional family homes and eateries as well. We have served the Venice Beach area and offer affordable Venice Beach Photo Booth Rentals at a rate and service that has lead us to the top. Our competitive edge for the Venice Beach venues is our authentic flare and unique (yet professional) personality.