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We come early to help you with those silly guests who arrive on time on want your attention when you’re already going slightly bonkers dealing with all the other venders who happen to be late. We keep your guests occupied with their favorite activity, having young, good-looking photographers telling them how adorable they are and printing photos for them to take home. Whenever your party hits a lag for any guest, you can say go over to the photo booth and let them make you feel like a star. You’re looking a lot like Jennifer Aniston or Justin Theroux tonight. That will bring a smile to their faces. As your party winds down, what are you going to do with those slightly inebriated guests that you have to call a cab for? We will baby-sit them for you while we take their pictures and keep up a friendly patter and banter that we know how to do because many of us aren’t only photographers—we have years of experience as school teachers as well. Honest to Heavens.

Have you ever wanted to experience one of the best times of your life and capture it on film? We know how that feels like, which is why we have positioned our photography and media business to help better serve you. We work on many corporate events, media, holidays, as well as birthdays and weddings. We are a local Southern California business that have done photography and photo booth rentals in the follow areas.


Photo Booth Rentals Near Me

Have you ever visited the UCLA Campus? It’s one of Los Angeles’s premier Universities and many folks from around the world go there to get their degrees. Little did you know is that UCLA is more than a beautiful LA landmark and university. It has one of the hottest party scenes around hosted by many of the cool clubs, frats, and sorority organizations. When an awesome party is about to launch, it’s great to have a media resource and hire us for your Westwood photo booth rentals.
Isn’t it great to enjoy the California sunshine? Santa Monica is known as the go-to place for businesses, real-estate, awesome eateries, and much more. It’s a great beach town, or rather city and a hot tourist destination. It’s on the map to have the greatest bar and nightlife scene in southern California. That’s where we come in. We help with setting up photo booths and other digital media technology to capture the moments for events, weddings, birthday parties, and engagement parties. It’s imperative to think of us next time you want to book a Santa Monica photo booth rentals company to capture the moments.
What’s considered the most popular city in LA? Seriously, we really want to know. Many folks consider Venice Beach as the hottest place to chill on the weekends and weekdays. It’s home to many artsy people including painters, musicians, photographers, and many other type of cool folks. Of course Venice beach has the traditional family homes and eateries as well. We have served the Venice Beach area and offer affordable Venice Beach photo booth rentals at a rate and service that has lead us to the top. Our competitive edge for the Venice Beach venues is our authentic flare and unique (yet professional) personality.


We bring such high-tech equipment

Your guests will feel like they are in Star Wars, at least.


We have real cameras and lighting

On par with that of a professional studio. In fact, the photo booth itself is a professional portable photo studio.


We have high-speed printers

To snap out those take away mementos that they will love. We have kiosks that come with i-pads so your guests can Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or send emails to their friends and family.

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We have computers and computer programs to adjust the photos to make your guests look years younger or older, whatever their wish may be.

We are your essential element in having a fun party, whether you want our simplest services or most extravagant.
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